Can Extreme Exercise Really Cause Heart Damage?


Exercise is something we all understand we should be undertaking in, in some shape or form.

Many of today’s diseases, such as heart disease and diabetes can be prevented with regular exercise, everyone knows that.

But is there a point when we push our bodies to far and the amount and type of exercise is actually becoming dangerous.

After conversations with leading experts including copa star we have come to the following conclusions:


1. Running puts several hundred pounds per square inch pressure on your weight-bearing joint surfaces, such as your ankle, knee, hip, and lower spine joints. However, repeated running may cause tiny fissures to develop in cartilage, which may lead to arthritis in later years.

2. Endurance exercises like running can be dangerous to those with heart conditions, such as an enlarged heart or someone with atrial fibrillation.

3. Endurance running generates a significant amount of free radicals throughout the body. Free radicals are positively charged oxygen molecules produced in cell mitochondria from cellular metabolism, very much like exhaust from a car engine.

So What’s The Alternative?

While many of you reading this article will be surprised with the information we are presenting, many of you will be annoyed. A strenuous physical workout is the top of many peoples keep fit, weight loss routine so it’s likely you will be looking for an alternative. By purchasing a myprotein discount code you will be able to enjoy a safer, less strenuous workout, while the protein works it’s magic alongside that workout, helping you stay just as fit & less as much weight as you would have done previously.

Free radicals can damage cell membranes by stripping electrons off the surface. Studies show that free radical damage, collectively referred to as oxidative stress, is a leading theory of degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and even cardiovascular disease.


Usually, the body’s anti-oxidant defenses neutralize the free radicals, but it can swing the balance for the free radicals. Some studies tracked the lifespan of people who were known to run regularly for exercise, which showed that their median age was below the norm. This supports the conclusion that too much endurance exercise can be counterproductive to health.